Thursday, April 5, 2012

Geometric Easter Eggs for Art and Fun Craft

How great is it when your kids beg to do work? We've been busy creating geometric Easter eggs. We've colored one a day and reviewed the shapes on each one. Here's what my 2nd grader created during our "fun" school time. I love integrating math and art. Throw in a holiday and you've got a hit!

Geometric Easter Eggs

We used all sorts of eggs with different shapes on them like ovals, pentagons, circles, and rectangles. You can do the same. The key is to overlap the shapes and notice the shapes that are created. You color the parts that overlap a different color. Notice how my 2nd grader didn't color each large rectangle. He colored the smaller shapes that were created.

You can make your own eggs too, or if you're interested, this is part Geometric Eggs for Art and Fun packet of 11 shapes that's available at my TpT store for just $1 now.

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