Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chick Glyph

How can you have a Bunny Glyph without a Chick Glyph? After I created my Spring Bunny Glyph, I realized that we needed another puppet. That's when the Chick Glyph was born...or maybe I should say hatched.

I thought kids would have a great time writing puppet shows with their Bunnies and Chicks too. Here's an example of a my Chick Glyph. Check out the egg on his belly. I even added a little bit of art with shapes!
Chick Glyph

For this glyph, students answer questions about chickens, spring, and bunnies. This glyph will work well for spring topics like the life cycle of a chicken. In fact, the questions the students answer will relate to what they've observed regarding baby chicks. The top feather, beak, wings, and tail all tell a story. Data analysis is FUN!! You can check out my Chick Glyph HERE and there is also a bundle deal HERE. Thanks!

Robin @ Little Blogfish

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