Friday, April 6, 2012

Earth Day Activities for Children

Are you looking for an Earth Day craft that helps you integrate subjects like social studies, writing, math, and art? If so, I think you'll like my latest Earth Day Glyph. I wanted to create a craft that demonstrated good Earth Day practices, and I developed this glyph that students create using items from your recycling bin. 

Earth Day Recycle Glyph and Craftivity

This glyph includes Earth Day activities and fun with real Earth Day practices-- This glyph lets you demonstrate how to reduce, reuse, and recycle! In order to reduce the amount of pages you print, I have created a flippy book. 

Images of Earth Day Flippy Book and patterns for two age levels

Your students will use this book to learn about reducing, reusing, and recycling for Earth Day in April. Then they will create an Earth Day Glyph as they reuse everyday items like newspaper and magazines. To reduce the pages that you will copy, five writing prompts are included but students are asked to reuse paper to write their response. You can also use the glyph questions to create a class graph on your board too. Happy Earth Day. I hope you enjoy this Earth Day craftivity that let's students show how the really heart the earth. Check it out at my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.

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