Monday, April 9, 2012

Caterpillar Glyph

How can you learn about shapes, colors, and caterpillars? You can use my Colorful Shapes Caterpillar Glyph Fun!
Caterpillar Glyph

This Spring Caterpillar glyph for math and literacy fun will be a hit in your classroom.Glyphs are fun ways to display data in a visual way. Each one of your students will answer questions and create a unique colorful shapes caterpillar. Place these caterpillars on a bulletin board and help your students learn to graph the results while they have fun and work with following directions. You can even choose to add one of my three cute caterpillar writing prompts. Each prompt comes created for three writing levels. Plus, your students will have fun as they pretend to be caterpillars and answer the caterpillar glyph questions while they work with shapes and colors. This is a great integration tool. Click here to learn more about my caterpillar glyph.

Your packet will include the following resources:
page 1- cover page and picture of caterpillar craftivity

pages 2-4 teacher tips and time saving techniques

page 5 student example with directions

pages 6-13 patterns (multiple like items of each shape are on each page to help save you paper.)

pages 14-15 student glyph questions

Pages 16-21 If you choose, you can post a poster with each question on it on your board or chart instead of printing the questions for each student.

pages 22-28 graphs for teachers to complete with students if you choose

pages 29-30 cute caterpillar key poster to display on bulletin board (everything you need for a great learning bulletin board is here)

pages 31-42 I've included three different writing prompts. Each prompt comes in three different writing levels. You also will get an additional set of blank templates where students can choose their own caterpillar writing idea. These are cute posted beside the caterpillars!
*This packet is not part of my combo packet titled Life Cycle of a Butterfly that includes a butterfly glyph and additional patterns to create the life cycle of a butterfly. Click Here

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