Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunny Glyph: My Easter Craft For Kids

Easter is right around the corner and it's time for some fun Spring crafts with an educational connection. We love using glyphs. I enjoy them because I like to integrate subjects instead of keeping every subject separate. When we use glyphs, we cover art, math, writing, and even science. Glyphs are visual ways to represent data.

This Easter, we worked on my Spring Bunny Glyph. I've been busy creating glyphs because the kiddos love them and beg to do them, and I just love how they make learning fun! I created this one so that all I had to do was run a few pages of white paper (or any color) through the printer for each student. The patterns and the questions are on the same page. For example, for the first question, a boy colors the insides of the ears blue and a girl colors them pink. Here's a bunny a kiddo created using the glyph questions. The size of the nose, the length of the arms, and the tail on the bunny all represent how this student answered questions about spring and bunnies.

Bunny Glyph

I added a frame to this bunny and options where the kiddos can write a poem or add some artwork. This kiddo decided to draw and color an Easter egg. Did you notice that the bunny is on a paper bag? We had been creating some paper bag puppets and I got inspired. Not only is this a glyph, but it's a puppet too.

This Spring Bunny Glyph is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE. It's also part of a Spring Glyph Bundle Deal with another glyph HERE.

Did you use this glyph in your classroom? Feel free to add your link here. I'd love to see how it turned out.

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