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St. Patrick's Day Fun and Linky Party

It's time for some St. Patrick's Day Fun with leprechaun traps, St. Patrick's Day word challenges, leprechaun glyphs, shamrock glyphs, and if that's not enough...add a St. Patrick's Day Education Link Up!!!

Set a Leprechaun trap

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! Are you decked out in green? Are you prepared to catch a leprechaun?

Here is a fun, free way to enjoy this Saint Patrick’s Day with your children: Create a leprechaun trap!

Sounds fun, right? Avoid hearing, “I’m bored.” Challenge your children to build a leprechaun trap. Arm the kids with the recycling bin, access to kitchen drawers (depending on their age), natural resources outdoors (this could be a green activity), or even craft supplies.  You may want to provide some rope or string if the trap will need to be set by pulling.

Then send your children outdoors. Let them be creative and come up with their own leprechaun bait. What would lure Leprechauns in? Perhaps rainbows, marshmallow cereal pieces, shiny coins, or special shiny rocks would do the trick. 

Then your students build the trap. This is a great idea for a group project or even a team event. Perhaps you could include the concept of using simple machines. Can they design a trap that uses a lever, wedge, or pulley?

Then, set the trap in motion. If no leprechauns show up near your trap, use an item like a tennis ball and see if the leprechaun trap can hold it. Good luck! But I’ve heard that sometimes we never see them. We only see the gold dust or glitter that they leave behind!

Do your kids need some inspiration? Check out these links:

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Image of Leprechaun trap

Leprechaun Traps (teacher tip)

Have a Word Challenge

See who can make a word using the most letters from LEPRECHAUN or ST. PATRICK'S DAY. Click  HERE to go to my free St. Patrick's Day Word Challenge Freebie. It include letter tiles for each letter in the words above and a record sheet to list the words you make.

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Create a St. Patrick's Day Glyph

Glyphs are great classroom tools that teach students about following directions and using a glyph (or in this case a pattern of a St. Patrick's Day shamrock and leprechaun) to represent ideas. For example, if a child's favorite color is green, their leprechaun will wear a green vest. If it is another color, they will put a yellow vest on the leprechaun. Then, they can work together and use their shamrock or leprechaun glyphs to create graphs. Please come by my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to check out my Leprechaun Glyph and my Shamrock Glyph for St. Patrick's Day.

Click here to learn about my Shamrock Glyph.

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Are you looking for an St. Patrick's lesson for the classroom? Would you like to find a St. Patrick's Day craft? Perhaps you're looking for a St. Patrick's Day writing project. Perhaps you have one of these items to offer. If your St. Patrick's item has to do with education, link up. Please add your link or check out a link below. Have fun and happy St. Patrick's Day 2012!

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