Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kid's Co-op Linky Party Fun: Post #1

It's a Kid's Co-op Linky PaRtY!! Let's share some kid-friendly fun. This Little Blogfish is a happy girl to be a new Kid's Co-op host along with many other great bloggers! I hope that you'll bookmark Little Blogfish and follow me here and on Pinterest too. 

Please stop by again next week and in between too. Join this fun collection of family & kids play-based ideas and more. Scroll down and check out all the great stuff being shared or add your ideas too. 

I plan to feature some of my favorite kid-centered ideas here next week. I was so excited to featured on B.Inspired, Mama and Toddler Approved last week. Check out my son's O'Keeffe inspired flowers and tips for making them too Here.

I hope that a few of you will be excited to be featured here too. I look forward to checking out your links and following and discovering some new blogs...even little blogs like this one.

Now, let’s see what fun this week brings. The Kid's Co-Op link up is co-hosted by these awesome bloggers and will show up on their blogs as well.  Don't forget to add a link back to this The Kid's Co-op party somewhere in your post and include our button somewhere on your blog. 
Please stop by and like the Kid's Co-op! Facebook page. 
Kids Co-op
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Enjoy and thanks for joining the "school" at Little Blogfish!


  1. I am so glad that I found your blog - you have some wonderful ideas posted and I adore the name. I just started a blog and would like to pass on the Lovely Blog Award to you. I am looking forward to following you!

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