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{FREE} Teaching Short A and Long A Vowel Sounds Game: Literacy Center

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Ready to Learn Short and Long Vowel Sounds

Is your child ready to learn about vowel sounds? Let's start at the beginning and teach about the long A and short A sound. First, the short A makes the sound you hear in words like backbanbank, and bat. The long A sound is heard in words like bake and bay.

Play a Game to Learn the Sounds

I use a dice game that I created to teach more about these vowel sounds.  Download my FREE Short A and Long A Vowel Sounds Literacy Pack HERE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. If you like this freebie, please follow my Teachers Pay Teachers store and rate my product.

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This literacy game and packet will help your students learn to recognize short A and long A vowel sounds in a creative and fun way. Students enjoy games, so they will have fun when learning. This material is intended for students in 1st-3th grade, and it can be used as a literacy center activity. Your packet will include a letter to the teacher, Teacher Directions, a Literacy Center Folder Cover, Student Directions, one set of Student Score Forms for three students, Dice Pages to print and assemble five playing dice, and one blank Student Achievement Certificate.

Letter Dice A Fun

With your child, toss all five dice. Each of you should work for a set amount of time (depending on the child, set your own time limit), and try to create as many words as possible with the letters that land facing up. You and your child should each write these words on a sheet of paper. Then, to determine who wins the game, each person gets one point for each word. Then, if the child correctly identifies the word as having a long A or short A sound, the child gets an additional point. before the game, plan to play until one player get to a particular point value. We like to play to 25.

For example, if you roll an ACK, AKE, B, T, and V, a child may list words like backbake, tack, and take. He's get 4 points for the words with 4 bonus points for identifying back and tack as having a short A sound and bake and take having a long A sound.That's eight points for the first round.

Extra Practice

If you'd like to work with some long A and short A words before you begin the game, here's the list of ending sounds from the dice. We used these ending for writing practice and spelling tests when we added letters to the beginning.

Short A Sounds
  • ack
  • an
  • ank
  • ap
  • at
Long A Sounds
  • ail
  • ake
  • ate
  • ay
I hope you enjoy this lesson. Be sure to check back to my follow my blog and my Pinterest page for more classroom tools and tips.

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