Thursday, March 10, 2011

My First House Party--Mardi Gras and Zatarain's

My Zatarain's House Party--Check it out and try it yourself.

Have you heard of House Party? It's a site where you can sign up to host parties where companies will send you "supplies" to party. I read about it on a savings blog and signed up.

Of course, there was a survey to complete, but, boy, were my efforts rewarded on the first try. I was chosen to host a Zatarain's Mardi Gras party.

We partied on March 8th, and enjoyed a good time with some great free food to boot.

What I enjoyed most was that for this party, I wasn't in a situation where I was trying to sell anything to my friends.

I invited a group of homeschool moms over, and while the kiddos created their own Mardi Gras masks, we listened to some Mardi Gras music on Zatarain's Pandora station,  sampled jambalaya, red bean dip--my favorite, red beans and rice, and our own semi-homemade root beer!

Here's a view of the Mardi Gras loot that arrived on my doorstep after I added the items with free coupons from the store.

We also got some great masks for the adults and beads. These were great when we had our own small-scale Mardi Gras parade at the end of the party.

The moms got a special treat to take home--coupons. I kept the bag though--you can never have enough bags to haul around baby gear!

Here's one last tidbit from the party--our own cream cheese cupcake "king cake". The kiddo with the sticker on the bottom of the cupcake got to be our Mardi Gras King or Queen and lead the parade.

Be sure to try out House Party, and follow me on Facebook and Twitter too--even here too. I've got my RSS feed set up too.

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