Saturday, March 19, 2011

House Party by DIGIORNO

Have you heard of House Party? If not, check it out. I hosted a Zatarain's House Party (My Zatarain's House Party post) for Mardi Gras and had such a great time. I was really hoping to get picked again for the DIGIORNO Pizza & Hoops House Party, so I was bummed when I got that, well, let's call it a rejection e-mail. My spirits lifted soon after when a neighbor (one of the guests to my previous House Party) sent me an e-vite to her DIGIORNO House Party.

It was cool being the guest this time, and DIGIORNO really did a great job supplying the host with the party pack. We had plenty of pizza, breadsticks, and cookies. The wyngz were a hit too (we needed more).

The kiddos even played their own game of hoops--no upsets like the real basketball games here.  I left with some really cool Bam Bams--those are fun and $4.00 off a DIGIORNO pizza coupon--come on stores, I'm hanging on to it until I get a good special. Afterward, I headed to Food Lion for my $4.99 Pampers Deal.

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