Monday, February 20, 2012

Classroom Management with Glyph

I like to use glyphs in the classroom. They are great tools for listening skills, literacy, and math skills. The students fill out a survey, and based on their selection, they make a certain selection. If the student likes a certain color, for example, they would add that color fish to their fish bowl. Once you're done with the process. You've got an entire classroom full of original, personal creations. But don't stop there!
my student's red fish glyph at

If you choose, you may use these glyphs for a behavior management bulletin board. You will post each fish bowl with a name tag on a bulletin board. You will also post the behavior posters that read: I am in the Fish Bowl (green), I Hope to Get Back in the Fish Bowl (yellow), I am Out of the Fish Bowl (red).

When a student breaks one of your class rules, move this student’s nametag or fish (you will tape it to the board or clip it to the fish bowl) to the I Hope to Get Back in the Fish Bowl sign. You may choose to place a plain white (boring) copy of the fish bowl under this sign. This is a behavior warning. If the behavior is corrected by the end of the day, put the nametag back on the student’s fish bowl.

If the student breaks another classroom rule, move the name tag from the warning sign to the red I am out of the Fish Bowl sign. At the end of the school day, this student’s behavior can be dealt with in the same manner that you currently use to deal with misbehavior. Perhaps you choose to send a letter home. On a positive side, you can also add more stars to the fish bowls for positive behavior.

At the beginning of the next school day, all the fish are back in the fish bowls.

This is a plan that you can create on your own, but if you are interested, you can purchase my glyph, glyph patter, behavior posters, and all you need for your bulletin board Here for less than what some of us spend on our morning cup of coffee. Here's a picture of all that's in the package:

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