Saturday, December 31, 2011

HOT Vitacost and Kiss My Face Deal for Natural and Organic Products

This is my HOT deal scenario for getting a $10 credit at Vitacost on any order of at least $10 and using it toward Kiss My Face's natural products that are up to 40% off! Vitacost has many other brands too like Burt's Bees, so shop around if you'd like. With this deal scenario, you'll pay just .07, then $4.99 shipping, and tax!  --A good deal for these natural olive and aloe soap, organic hand scrub, and foot scrub products.

First, click my referral link to Vitacost to get a $10 credit. I'll get a credit too that I plan to spend on some natural baby products (I hope!).

Next, search for Kiss My Face products. Then sort the results by price from lowest to highest. Here are the items that I used that got my total as close to $10.00 as possible. The total for these items was only $10.07 and then with the $10.00 credit, it was .07.

Kiss My Face Chamomile Olive Soap — 4 oz- Item No. 028367828402-$1.79

Kiss My Face Bar Soap Olive and Lavender — 4 oz-Item No. 028367833512-$1.79
Kiss My Face Bar Soap Olive and Aloe — 4 oz-Item No. 028367827573- $1.99
Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic® Hand Creme — 1 fl oz-Item No. 028367835745-$2.25
Kiss My Face Organic Foot Scrub Peppermint — 1 fl oz-Item No. 028367835738- $2.25

Don't miss out on all these natural Kiss My Face goodies. Here’s the link to get started with the $10 credit.

(If your credit does not show up, click Refer a Friend at the top of the Vitacost page. After you click that link, you'll need to enter your e-mail address again. The next page should indicate that you've been e-mailed a code for your $10 credit.)

Thanks to all!

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