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Best Deals for Easter Baskets, Jelly Beans, Peeps, Play-Doh, Candy and More for 4/17-4/23

If the Easter Bunny did like I did this year and waited until the last minute to shop, here’s where the best last-minute Easter deals are from Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. There’s no need to hop all over town for that bunny to fill the Easter baskets for the kiddos.

**This Easter Bunny probably won’t be using coupons, but search online through the coupon databases to make these deals even better, and feel free to share a comment below if you have a better deal. Be sure to verify these prices with your local store advertisements. I’ve also added a link up for you to add your blog post about Easter savings or giveaways at the bottom of the post.

Easter Basket
Bamboo Easter Basket at Walgreens for $0.79 with in –ad coupon
Bamboo Baskets at Target for $1.50
Felt Basket at Target for $2.00 (it’s cute, so it may be worth the extra $)

Plastic Easter Eggs
12-ct. Plastic eggs at Target for $0.65
42 Small bright eggs at Walmart for $0.97

Real Eggs
One dozen eggs at Target for $1.19
One dozen eggs at Walgreens for $1.29 (2 Free RedBox rentals when you buy two cartons-limit 1 per offer)
Egg Decorating Kit
PAAS kit for $1.99 at CVS 3-day sale with card (with $1.99 bonus bucks—but this bunny doesn’t do a good job of keeping up with those)
PAAS kit for $1.97 at Walmart (these are pretty COOL kits)

Easter Grass
1.5-oz. Easter grass at Target for $0.25
2-oz. Easter grass for $0.99 at CVS 3-day sale with card (with $0.99 bonus bucks—but this bunny doesn’t do a good job of keeping up with those)

Jelly Beans
14-oz Starburst Jelly beans at Walmart for $1.78
14-oz Starburst or Lifesavers jelly beans at Target for $2.00 and Walgreens (size not listed)

10-12 count Peeps at CVS for $0.99 with card
4.5-oz chick Peeps at Target for $1.50
15 or 16 pack bunnies or chick Peeps for $1.50 at Walgreens

Best Chocolate Egg Deal
Russell Stover Chocolate Eggs (limit 8) at Walgreens for $0.39 (these are just GOOD!)

Toy Story 3 Operation, Memory, or Candy Land at Walmart for $5.00

Play-Doh 24 Pack of Colors, Cake Makin’ Station, or Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe at Walmart for $10.00
Pla-Doh Fun Factory at Walgreens for $4.99 (free Play-doh party pack with purchase)

Godiva Chocolate for the Easter Bunny
7 oz. Godiva Bunny at Target for $9.99
3.6- or 4.25 Godiva gems assorted truffles egg at Target for $5.99

Please add a comment below with better deals for other Easter deals for the kiddos. Feel free to add a link to your blog post too if you’re sharing Easter deals and especially if you have an Easter giveaway. 

I’m a teacher, and as a teacher you learn that the best thing to do is share resources. That rules applies here too.  You can also cut and paste this post and put it on your blog if you leave my link below. I hope this helps out the Easter Bunny—now get hopping.

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