Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Little Blogfish

So here I am. Did you notice? It's not likely. It seems we're all bloggers now, aren't we? I'm just a little blogfish in the sea. My name is Robin, and I used to be a classroom teacher. I've got a better career now: two kiddos. I'm also a  homeschool teacher and I teach online continuing education courses.

As for Little Blogfish, this is where I'll share whatever it is that's on my mind for the day, but who can blog when you're a sleep-deprived momma? Well, Mommy. That's the term I prefer. Perhaps, I'll share about the great mom deal I find that day or a great homeschool resource or even a technology tip. We'll see. And to be honest, I'd like to be rewarded for my blogging efforts, so I'll be on the look out for ways to earn money blogging too. Ads, affiliates, reviews...we'll see what the future holds. Feel free to give me tips as I start out with Little Blogfish. Wouldn't it be great for this little blogfish in the sea to make a blip on the radar screen?

Here's to seeing you again, or perhaps seeing myself here again. We'll see. Off to hold a crying baby. It's all worth it when the tears are gone and the smiles are given.


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  1. Please feel free to leave comments or follow me on this blogging adventure. Robin